Tried and tested scalable solutions

Our strength lies in the depth of our technical expertise which enables us to provide aesthetical, practical and sustainable lighting solutions to meet the most complex challenges for customers in a variety of markets

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Lighting design & manufacturing
  • Installation and QC
  • Portable earthing solutions
  • New product testing
State of the art solutions

Betacom has been celebrating light in all its forms for over 80 years. Our lighting experts have been designing state-of-the -art solutions that meet the exacting standards that our clients demand.

We partner with leading brands to create sustainable lighting solutions that enhance and improve the quality of life through innovative experiences, places and spaces.

Equipped with a deep understanding of local heritage and culture, we plan, design, manage and engineer long lasting and impactful solutions to help communities thrive.

From smart city solutions that bring in innovative new technology to improve the way citizens engage with the world around them to decorative lighting that delights the eye with its colour and radiance.

At Betacom, we understand that light can do so much more than just light up the darkness. Give us a call and our experts will be happy to arrange a complementary one-on-one consultation to brighten up your world.


Lighting is vital for busy roads, providing visual clarity for safe driving. We draw on our extensive know-how in lighting design and project management to provide dynamic lighting solutions that adhere to lighting standards, improve safety while significantly reducing power consumption.

Tunnels and Underpass

Correct levels of lighting with excellent visibility and uniformity from tunnel entry to exit results in safe tunnels that create a vibrant yet pleasant driving experience. Betacom along with our partners have designed and delivered lighting solutions for NorthConnex in Australia, which has put the nine kilometre tunnel on the global map after receiving an honour at the International Association of Lighting Designers Awards.

Urban and Decorative Lighting

Luminaires blend into any city or architectural environment by day and by night, creating an aesthetic and pleasant ambiance for residents. Our team of experts can design comprehensive lighting solutions to bring your ideas to life, reflecting the unique character and purpose of the space like car parks, railway stations, streets, bridges, bikes and pedestrian paths, city squares, boardwalks etc.

Smart Cities

Outdoor public lighting provides a perfect platform upon which to build smart city technologies. We support cities in the transition from conventional to connected lighting and can help you create bright and secure environments.


The right sports lighting is a functional requirement to comply with national and international standards and integral for performance. Upgrade your sport facilities with our easy to install scalable solutions including floodlights, accessories and control systems for indoor and outdoor. Our team of lighting, structural and electrical engineers can deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of each facility to guarantee perfect playing conditions.

Linear Lighting

Great lighting is all about the feel within, and effect on a space. The more considered the approach to illumination, the better its occupants are able to live, work and thrive within. Along with our partners we can custom-build products that are designed and manufactured in Australia and offer increased performance, architectural lines and engineering excellence for spaces like fitness gyms, railway stations, schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centres, galleries, theatres etc.

Earthing and Electrical Safety

Betacom is a specialist manufacturer of temporary earthing equipment for both distribution and transmission applications. Our products include cluster bars for wood and concrete poles; equipotential bonding assemblies, jumpers and wood pole spikes; line and earth clamps; adaptors for HV and LV applications. A wide range of voltage detectors and insulated handling poles for indoor and outdoor use are also available.

Lighting Control Systems

Together with our partners, we offer ready-to-install lighting solutions that can be integrated into a control system via the mobile data network (cloud based solutions), ethernet / fibre networks or dedicated control systems. The control cabinets and application software are easy to configure and network for technically demanding constructions like tunnels. Betacom has provided lighting solutions for a significant number of tunnels with state-of-the-art LED technology and control systems designed to integrate into the specific requirements of the main tunnel control systems.