Lighting is our

Betacom has a rich history in lighting dating back to the 1940s as EC Gough Ltd. and then Gough Technology.

In New Zealand, Betacom is a leader of specialist lighting design and solutions for functional and decorative roads, tunnels, cycle and shared space walkways, and sporting facilities.

Lighting New Zealand

New Zealand owned and operated, Betacom’s headquarters is in Christchurch along with its manufacturing, product design and engineering support operations. Betacom manufactures and assembles a range of road, area and tunnel lighting products, which are sold throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The company’s 3500 sqm manufacturing and product design facility applies many new to market technologies to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to its customers.

Advanced lighting expertise, industry leading technology and energy-efficient solutions is a further guarantee of quality and assurance that clients can rely upon.

International Standards, Capabilities, Products and Solutions

The company is ISO9001 certified and consists of three key business areas: functional and decorative road, area and tunnel lighting; safety systems incorporating portable earthing devices and HV operating poles; and custom sheet metal fabrication. It also provides in-house engineering support across electrical, mechanical and optical disciplines.

Our Partners

Partnerships are key and we have represented Schréder and Beka Schréder since 2007. This relationship was extended in 2020 to included the newly formed Sylvania Schréder (Australia). In the same year, Austube was also integrated into Sylvania Schréder in Australia. As a result of that relationship, Betacom also represents Austube-Schréder in New Zealand.

In recent years there has been a formal relationship between Schréder and Phoenix Contact in relation to the design and supply of tunnel lighting control systems and Quick Connect Power and communication cables for tunnel applications.

In 2019 we also formed a relationship with Sofamel of Spain. Sofamel is a world leader in portable earthing devices, voltage detection equipment and a wide variety power safety solution. Betacom is the exclusive agent for Sofamel for New Zealand. The relationship with Sofamel complements the range of portable earthing devices which Betacom has manufactured since the E C Gough Power days, dating back to the late 1950s.

Napier City

Napier city needed to upgrade all the old High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights to LED for the busier main roads in and around Napier. Betacom provided a solution using the new SastaLED by Sylvania Schreder Australia.

A modern sleek looking unit with NEMA base and shorting cap included so these luminiares can integrate into a future Smart City solution.

A selection of various wattages were supplied and Betacom also provided lighting design services as part of the package. This solution was to upgrade the Category V lights to get better lighting and greater energy savings with LED.

Auckland Waterview Tunnel

The Auckland Waterview Tunnel is a key piece of the Western Ring Route, a 48km motorway route through the west of Auckland, connecting Manukau, the city, West Auckland and the North Shore.

The 2.4km Waterview Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in New Zealand and is a significant step in transforming the way people and freight move around Auckland and New Zealand.

Betacom provided all the roadway lighting for this impressive project and won a National Award at the NZ Lighting Conference in 2017. A total of 4500 specialist tunnel luminaires were installed to meet the requirements of the ANZS Standards for lighting this important road tunnel in Auckland.

Dunedin City, St Clair Promenade

The St Clair Esplanade has long been a popular leisure destination for weekend walks or dips in the sea, with the cafes and bars lining the promenade, an attraction in their own right.

Betacom supplied decorative feature lighting that sets the mood for this Promenade walkway. A total of 40 LED luminaires have been installed at a height of 4m.

The correct lighting levels and urban design provided by these luminaires have dramatically improved the feeling of safety, visual comfort and ambiance.